These are a few backing tracks I've made (more to come as I can find the time) that are based on my or Trendkiller's tabs. Choose from either drum and bass backing to work on your rhythms skills (or record your own versions) or a full band backing for lead work. All of these are recorded in Eb (unlike some of the studio versions) so tune down.

GOT TO CHOOSE (drums and bass)
GOT TO CHOOSE (full band)

PARASITE (drums and bass)
PARASITE (full band)

ALL THE WAY (drums and bass)
ALL THE WAY (full band)

LOVE HER ALL I CAN (drums and bass)
LOVE HER ALL I CAN (full band)

SAVE YOUR LOVE (drums and bass)
SAVE YOUR LOVE (full band)

NOT FOR THE INNOCENT (drums and bass)

DOMINO (drums and bass)
DOMINO (full band)

*rhythm guitars are a bit out of tune, the G-string actually, but I'm too lazy to do it again...