I met Jimmie, currently of the band Danger Avenue, through the KISS Army Sweden forums sometime in 2005 or 2006 and we began making KISS cover versions by sending files via email. Most of the stuff has been pretty straight-forward as far as covers go, but on a few unreleased songs we've stretched the concept a bit and tried to "KISSify" as much as possible. Jimmie also contributed vocals to my Hotter than hell re-recording (see the projects page). All of these were recorded during a very productive 2006.

KEEP ME WAITING (unreleased Wicked Lester track)

Various parts of the KISS canon rolled into one track in an attempt to see how it might have sounded if KISS had recorded it sometime in the early 80's. You'll hear parts of Goodbye, Down on your knees, a little bit of Vinnie-style dissonance, a riff from the live version Let me go, rock 'n' roll for the solo (where the bass borrows heavily from King of the night time world towards the end), and a mock Ace Frehley lead.

TOMORROW (originally on Unmasked)

Pretty much like the original album version. Jimmie suggested doing the track as if it had been recorded around Revenge but at the time I couldn't quite muster that. Apart from the drums it's all guitars and bass, not a synth/samper in sight.

MAINLINE (originally on Hotter than hell)

This is trying to get as close to the original as possible (although the bass isn't quite 100%). The tempo varies throughout and I tried to program the drums as best I could with the samples I had at the time. Some of the best semi-overdriven guitar sounds I've ever commited to tape and it's an amp sim.

UNDER THE ROSE (originally on The Elder)

Also close to the vest. No keyboards on this version, just a mass of guitars.

LOVE IS BLIND (unreleased Gene demo)

Mid-80's KISS version. The riff under the guitar solo has nothing to do with the original demo but was the kind of riff Gene wrote a million of during the 80's. The guitar solo is a nod to Bruce's Revenge-era soloing with a typical tapping run thrown in for good measure; it's rough around the edges but I never hit those artificial harmonics like that after this take so it stayed. My Aceisms return for the outro lead.

MR. MAKE BELIEVE (originally on Gene Simmons)

Acoustic and awaiting official unplugged approval. Monster bass sound and an ukulele during the chorus and for the lead.