During my years at meta4music I had the distinct privelige of working with Maja. Easily one of the most talented singers I've known, but also one of the laziest, she always did my songs justice. At the time I was experimenting a little in the pop domain and trying to write a kind of R'n'B-flavored groove which resulted in a few of the songs I wrote being based around a single groove, in the case of The real thing just two chords really. It was a kind of minimalism that worked well for me for a while.

...introducing (2002)

My two contributions to the "properly" mixed presentation material we put together. Both of these have a single groove/vamp going through the entire song. Sadly there was a mistake of some kind during mixdown of Talking to angels and my decidedly out-of-tune slide work was left in.

01. You're so fine
02. Talking to angles

...the real thing (2003)

4 songs I wrote specifically for Maja. Very varying in style but they all seemed to work. You won't tell me was my first venture into something I called "evil soul". The rest of the songs written around that concept are still unrecorded.

01. You won't tell me
02. The real thing
03. Rocks
04. Hey Mr. DJ

Demos (2001-2003)

Based around a crazy Rhodes riff, this was one of the first things we recorded properly. Not the greatest tune but the vocal performance, from a girl that was about 13 at the time, was, and still is, amazing.

01. Funk #48

Never finished to my satisfaction, this was one of the last things recorded before we parted ways with Maja. The minimalistic approach again, just one vamp. The guitar sound is one of my favourites. The brittle sound comes from doubling the acoustic with a mic'ed-up electric without an amp.

02. 24 hours