Over the years I've dabbled in most kinds of music. I've written a few dance tunes but never really gotten them recorded to my satisfaction. This is the closest I've gotten so far thanks to a few really nice plugins (the SampleMoog among them).

A mix of very old songs (Hey DJ was written in 1999) that only recently made it all the way past the idea stage, and some newer material. The first two are straight dance tracks, the others are a strange r'n'b/dance hybrid. Autotuned beyond all reason.

01. Hey DJ (Play that song)
02. Hot and sweaty
03. (It's a) Get up 
04. That somethin'

RELAPSE (2012)

Mostly new stuff that was heavily influenced by the early work of SAW with Dead or Alive, complete with stutter edits and cut-ups.

01. Don't let me down 
02. Lover's eyes 
03. Run      


After a steady diet of a fairly obvious inspiration, these three old grooves were rescued from oblivion and given a shiny new look. There were some re-writes and God knows the bass and guitars don't groove nearly as much as I'd hoped but overall it's not bad.

01. Hey Ladies 
02. Move baby move 
03. Love connection