The odd world of Das Fark was created in 1999 when I got my hands on Propellerhead's ReBirth338. The TB303, TR808 and TR909 simulations was the coolest thing I had to play with at the time (running Windows 98 on a crappy computer). Over the years it's evolved into an "anything goes as long as it's electronic" project, no matter if it's originals or covers. These are the projects so far. Sadly some cover art has gone missing, whether temporarily or not I can't say.
DAS FARK (2000)

Like all Das Fark projects I had some strict boundaries for this first one. I decided that to get anything done there was a deadline of 14 days; anything not finished by then wasn't to be included. All basic tracks were to be composed using the RB338. Once the deadline was around the corner I was a bit short so I threw together a few tunes based on existing melodies and now those "late-comers" are my favorite parts of this project.

01. Welcome
02. From the inside (118)
03. 99 degrees
04. Street dancin' man
05. Tady B[a]rnen
06. D[a]s Fark
07. Fractured pieces
08. Anathema
09. Descent
10. Straight eights
11. Peanuts and popcorn
12. Nacho man
13. Tiresome game no. 26
14. Fists of furry
15. Black ametist
16. Stormtroopers 
17. The Elder 
18. IttyBittyDitty 
19. Ave generosa 
20. Goodbye (reprise )

NEXT (2002)

By 2002 I had gotten my hands on Logic and started messing around with it a bit more. The 14-day rules was still in effect here and apart from that I decided to stay with Logic's excellent sampler EXS24 for almost all the sounds. Most of the sounds came courtsey of the Xtreme Analog sample CD set with a few samples of my own that I lifted off various albums. Fewer but longer songs that are mostly about the groove and setting a mood.

01. Angel
02. Trust 
03. Nano 
04. Badass 
05. Buckets 
06. Open 
07. Talk 
08.  Breath 
09. Algebra 


The time constraint was gone by this time and so were most restrictions on what to use to generate the sounds. Instead I opted for a loosely constructed "concept album" where the overarching rule was that all vocals be handled by speech synthesis. Some things here are the weirdest I've ever recorded.

01. Introductions
02. Variation
03. High futility
04. Interlude
05. Mandolin
06. Automation
07. Swinging 00's
08. Samples away
09. Intralude
10. Autromatic
11. Minimalistic pleasures
12. Pessimism
13. Heartbeats
14. Pedal's down
15. Annoying
16. Music box 
17. Deprecation 
18. Life on Mars 
19. Upright citizen 
20. Being and time 


Spanning from 2001 and onward, whenever I decide to go the electronic/sample route for a cover I'll use the Das Fark name. Most of these are KISS songs, big surprise!, but a few other odd things do show up.

I'm a legend tonight (KISS, 2001)
Who wants to be lonely (KISS, 2005)
Radioactive (KISS, 2006)
You matter to me (KISS, with Jimmie 2007)
Jungle80 (KISS, 2009)
Geraldine (Glasvegas, 2009)
X-ray eyes (KISS, 2009)*

*originally appeared on the tribute album Succesion available as a digital download.


This started with a misunderstanding. I was asked to arrange a few songs and when I had done one it turned out nothing like the writer wanted. I liked what I had done so I re-wrote the melody and re-arranged some parts to make a new song. Two old, and previously unrecorded, songs were re-moulded to fit the concept. This is Das Fark in ballad mode.

01. It's alright
02. Heartache coming to town  
03. When morning comes  

(c) & (p) 2009, Örtenmark. All Rights Reserved

de-ri-va-tiv (2013)

This is, as the name implies, highly derivative. Skrill-who? Heavy electronic stuff basically. 

01. Harder Faster Smarter
02. Oh! My! God!  
03. Dr. Snuggles style  

(c) & (p) 2013, Örtenmark. All Rights Reserved